Employment Agreement For Founders

Political links or not, this incident parallels situations that many founders have faced, with the exception of imprisonment. You would do yourself a favour to ensure that you have a good solid service contract with contingencies in such circumstances. In this case, if you are thinking about a shareholder pact, you will find here how to manage the conflicts between the founding contract and the shareholder contract. However, don`t just give value on the rental amount and ignore other terms of the agreement. It`s a rookie mistake. Many important collaborators and founders have important external affiliations that they (and the startup) may find useful to keep. In these cases, a part-time agreement or a consulting agreement may be more appropriate. However, part-time work complicates both the protection of the start-up`s business secrets and the procedures that ensure that the start-up does not use the secrets of others. If the employee works for others in the same field as the start-up, it can be extremely difficult to prevent staff from illegally exploiting the start-up`s secrets in their other work, or to ensure that inventions and other intellectual property rights developed by the employee for creation are not considered the property of another. These risks are easier to protect for full-time employment. In this case, the start-up is able to determine what the worker knows and can better prove, at the end of his employment relationship, the illicit embezzlement of secrets by a future employer. To terminate the founder`s contract, any founder can terminate in writing once the employment contract is completed and will instead sign the employment contract. If there are several founders, it is very useful that their relationship with the company is duly formalized in the form of an employment contract, so that their rights and obligations are clear.

This becomes important as soon as there is a disagreement between the founders. As in the case of the founder, the agreement with the most important staff should define the position of key collaborator, the scope of his duties and the control of both the board of directors and the executives appointed by the board of directors. The largest employees, who work full-time for the start-up, should commit to using their energy exclusively for start-up business. However, the participation of scientists (either the main collaborators or the founders) in non-financial external activities, such as document production, participation in conferences and seminars, and the maintenance of learning places at major universities can be beneficial for both staff and start-ups.


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