Pandemic Physician Services Agreements

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The contract is available to physicians currently paid by FFS who expect a continuous reduction in the volume of services they provide during the COVID pandemic. The Canadian Medical Association commissioned MNP, a national audit and tax firm, to provide a detailed analysis of current federal assistance programs and how they can be used by physicians and learners in a number of practical environments. Find out more here. A temporary agreement for pandemic physician services has been put in place as an option for physicians during the pandemic reaction. The Ministry of Health, the Saskatchewan Medical Association and the Saskatchewan Health Authority have set agreement rates during the pandemic to allow for the stability and flexibility of medical services and to facilitate the redeployment of physicians when needed. Other information is available: If a contracted physician finds that benefits are increasing so rapidly that they can earn a better income according to FFS, the doctor can terminate the contract and return to FFS after five days of written termination if he agrees to continue to provide the same benefits for the balance of the term of the contract. However, doctors will not be able to change on a recurring basis between payment terms. Today, Health Minister Jim Reiter and Saskatchewan Medical Association (ADM) President Dr. Barb Konstantynowicz were pleased to announce that Saskatchewan physicians have ratified a new five-year contract. More than 90% of the doctors who voted voted in favour of the agreement. “We are very pleased to have a new contract with our valued physicians to support patient care and continue to make Saskatchewan a preferred practice site,” said Reiter.

“This positive step is being maintained at one of the most competitive compensation and benefit formulas for physicians in Canada to recruit and retain physicians in our province. It will help ensure that Saskatchewan residents have access to essential medical services, not only during the current pandemic, but also in the future. “Like my colleagues on the ADM Board of Directors, I am pleased that The Saskatchewan doctors have ratified this agreement,” said Dr. Konstantynowicz. “This will continue to benefit the province`s medical practice and health care system in the years to come. I would like to thank the ADM negotiating committee and the Department of Health who, on behalf of the Saskatchewan physicians, have worked countless hours to reach this agreement. The agreement that has just been put in place allows physicians to work with some certainty in these uncertain times caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. Highlights of the new contract include: A short-term alternative payment contract option available to most FFS physicians whose incomes are influenced by COVID-19.


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