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Note: Quebec has its own sponsorship process for refugees. For sponsors in Quebec, visit refugee sponsorship in Quebec. The Office Referred Program (PRE) visa is similar to the BVOR program, but requires sponsors to cover the full sponsorship fee. We will not provide income support. The world of sport has been shaken by the current crisis, with Formula 1, national and European competitions and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics suspended or postponed sine die. Below we take into account the impact on sponsorship agreements for these events, and can the teams or players participating in them – in particular, withdraw their sponsors or renegotiate their terms? Although sponsorship relationships are not partnerships in the legal sense, the use of “official partners” and others is not meaningless terminology. For long-time sponsors and events, teams or players they sponsor, the relationship between sponsor and sponsor is often seen as close and beneficial for both parties. Most sponsors will therefore not attempt to withdraw in haste from their sponsorship commitment, knowing that the immediate ner branch can cause them significant revenue problems for the sponsored event, the team or the player – and can have a negative long-term impact on the relationship. On March 30, 2020, we updated the application process for sponsorship contract holders. You have until June 30, 2020 to apply. A sponsorship agreement may include a force majeure clause (probably fairly general). As a general rule, this provides that, in the case of an “act of God,” a party may suspend the treaty or consider its own obligations to be suspended.

In the clause, pandemics can be explicitly referred to as the “act of God.” If this is not the case, there are two opposing, impotent schools of thought on whether a pandemic is an unforeseen event or whether it should have been anticipated by the parties in the face of epidemics in recent years and repeated warnings about its occurrence. A very narrow interpretation generally applies to force majeure clauses – a party that wants to rely on it will not benefit from the doubt. It also depends on how the treaty is developed and whether specific rights are granted. In a sponsorship agreement, many sponsorship rights may continue to be invoked despite the blockage and its effects, as the designation as an official sponsor/partner or logo may continue to take place on a website or social media message. Visibility may be less than it would otherwise have been, but frustration cannot be used to correct a bad case, so the fact that a sponsor ended up paying too much for its rights will not have any weight here. It will therefore be essential to examine the specific agreement as a whole and to assess precisely whether it really cannot be implemented. If there is no force majeure clause, a party may attempt to invoke the doctrine of frustration, a recourse to the common law. Frustration can arise when the circumstances that make the performance of the contract physically or economically impossible, or if this would make the performance radically different, change considerably and unexpectedly. The threshold for responding to the review of frustration is very high, and if the execution of the contract is only more difficult (or more expensive), but not impossible because of the pandemic or other frustrating events, the agreement will not be frustrated.


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