Strategic Mandate Agreements

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At the end of 2017, Queen`s concluded discussions with the Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development and signed its Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA) for the three-year period 2017-20. The ADM expresses some of the strengths that distinguish Queen`s University of Ontario in the post-secondary education system and contains a number of MAESD commitments. Ontario universities have successfully negotiated individual agreements with the Ministry of Advanced Education, Qualifications and Development (MAESD). These agreements demonstrate the breadth of everything Ontario universities achieve, including improving the student experience, preparing students for the workforce, leading research, local and global economic and social development, community contacts, and the development of pathways between institutions, including Aboriginal colleges and institutes. The first round of Strategic Mandate Agreements (2014-17) was negotiated in 2014 with individual institutions on the basis of Ontario`s differentiation policy framework for post-secondary education (PDF 250 KB). During the period of validity of these programs, the government reviewed and amended the funding formula for Ontario universities. The current round of strategic mandate agreements (2017-20) promotes the achievement of their differentiation objectives and objectives, which are to ensure financial sustainability throughout the higher education system. The government will implement this system in the next round of SMAP. The new ACCORDS are five-year agreements that define the university`s performance targets in terms of specific indicators and define our approach to the new policy.

The development of Lakeheads SMA3 included a consultation process that spanned the fall of 2019 and the winter of 2020 and included faculties and senators. Feedback from the university community was included in the final draft of the SMA 3 agreement. Lakehead University`s third Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA3) was concluded with the Department of Universities and Universities. Strategic Mandate Agreements (MMAs) are documents developed in negotiations with the Ministry of Higher and University Education (MCU) that enable universities and universities to communicate their priorities, identify areas of institutional strength/concentration, and define performance measures.


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