Alberta Transportation Road Use Agreement

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DISCLAIMER: The Country Roads Study summarizes the general nature of Westlock County`s entire road network and offers potential construction sites over the next 10 years. All possible construction activities are at the discretion of Westlock County Council and may be modified, delayed or cancelled at any time upon instruction by Westlock County Council. The road study expects the current 4-year rotation program to continue along with regular maintenance as defined by current county policy. 2018-Rural Road-Study Road Use Procedures Sample Road Use Agreement F: Why isn`t there a speed limit sign on every road in the county? A: The default speed limit throughout Westlock County is 80 km, unless otherwise stated. Q: What are the future plans for paving my road? A: There are no immediate road paving plans in Westlock County, as most roads were built more than 50 years ago and rebuilding all roads would cost millions of dollars and take several decades to reach current standards. Q: Why can`t I buy gravel in the county? A: All engraved and/or materials are purchased for county purposes only. Q: Who am I talking to about concerns about provincial highways? A: Alberta Transportation North Central Region Office 780-674-4700 or Emcon Services 1-800-390-2242. F: How do I report a burnt street lamp? A: Notification of a streetlight failure in a subdivision or hamlet can be made by contacting Fortis online at and/or by phone at 780-310-9473.

Make sure you have your common address available if you report the outage. Q: How do I request a new streetlight for my domain? A: A letter asking why you think a street light is needed should be sent to Council for review or can be sent directly to F: Does the county offer snow removal for private entrances? A: Yes, Westlock County offers rural people who buy a snow flag for a price of $30.00 (+ GST) to eliminate snow to evacuate their entrance by request after a Hold Harmless agreement is reached. The pavilion must be visible to the operator from the roadway and is completed after all major roads have been cleared first. If residents need a faster response time, a private contractor may need to be hired to perform the work at the occupant`s expense. Q: Is a landowner allowed to pervert the trench or otherwise dam the drainage of the land in the ditches surrounding his property? A: The purpose of ditches is to preserve the integrity of road infrastructure and not private drainage. A landowner cannot design the property in a way that affects neighboring land. Q: Do I need a grazing and/or crossing agreement? A: Yes, you could. There are different categories among which a company or individual may be asked to enter into a malfunction and/or crossover agreement with Westlock County for all projects involving working in/along/crossroads of priority….


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