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Certified agreements contain working conditions negotiated between an employer and the relevant public sector unions on behalf of workers. The Council should enter into negotiations with the unions for the next collective agreement. The previous agreement gave all employees an annual salary increase of 2.5 percent. Check the current benefit details for each premium. Lucy is the Urban Affairs Journalist for the Brisbane Times, with a particular interest in Brisbane City Council. Jones said that in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the union was in daily contact with all councils across the state and that Brisbane City Council “might have thought it would be appropriate to inform us before informing the world in general”. “If we know one thing about this crisis, it`s that we need to work together, not push decisions down people`s throats,” Said Cassidy Cr. Steve Baker, secretary of the Australian Workers` Union Queensland, said such an announcement “to make just a few days after an election is nothing short of a disgrace”. “If the mayor wants to announce that his open position is a zero percent pay increase, I think that`s okay.” We know these are difficult times, but simply declaring a wage freeze without discussing it with the workers concerned is contrary to faith,” he said. The Queensland Employment Standards are a set of nine statutory minimum conditions of employment for employees in the national labour relations system. Brisbane City Council will try to save $US 36 million by enacting a two-year wage freeze for councillors and council employees to prepare its US$3.1 billion budget against the coronavirus pandemic. “We need to tighten our belts and this wage freeze will help us do that,” he said, saying the council did not want to lay off workers and see more people unemployed in Brisbane.

“Our members do a hard job of serving the community, and that`s simply not the case to be treated like this. City councillors have not received an increase since 2018. The average salary of the Council member, including social benefits, is $193,125. The service union represents Council employees and technicians, including librarians and administrators. “The workers who are directly affected were not aware of it until it was in the media. This is appalling, but not surprising.┬áBen Jones, of the Service Union, said Brisbane City Council chief executive Colin Jensen sent a briefing note on a proposed wage freeze, but there was no discussion or notification before the public announcement. . . .


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