Bmw Franchise Agreement

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Section 3060 provides: “Notwithstanding the terms of a franchise, no franchisee may terminate or refuse an existing franchise unless: (1) (a) The franchise and the board of directors have received written notice from the franchisor as follows: [¶] (1) Sixty days before the effective date of the effective date, the specific reasons for the termination or refusal of the suit are set out. [¶] 2. Fifteen days before the date of entry into force, the specific reasons shall be set out with regard to the transfer of ownership or shares in the franchise without the consent of the franchisee, whose consent cannot be inappropriately refused. [¶] (B) Incorrect presentation by the franchisee when applying for a franchise. [¶] (C) insolvency of the franchisee or filing of an application by or against the franchisee under bankruptcy or bankruptcy law. [¶] (D) Unfair commercial practices after written warning. It is important that you act quickly. [§] (b) The Chamber finds that after being heard in accordance with Article 3066, there is a good reason to terminate or refuse the proceedings. The franchisee may lodge an appeal with the board of directors within 30 days of receipt of 60 days` notice or within 10 days of receipt of 15 days` notice. In the event of an appeal, the board of directors shall warn the franchisor that the opposition has been filed in good time, that a hearing in accordance with Article 3066 is necessary and that the franchisor may not terminate or refuse the proceeding until the board of directors has made its findings. [¶] (c) the franchisee has obtained the written consent of the franchisee or the time limit for filing an objection has expired. .


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