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It`s in the novel marriage agreement kk. 😊 cerbungnya was deleted, the author appears to be mbk, my Basrusan verification was removed πŸ™‚ “That`s fine,” I replied. And I don`t know why he suddenly smiled. it was deleted by the author, as its sequel is in the novel mbka πŸ™‚ Thanks for the helpful information, don`t forget to visit my official website bit.ly/2MCUqF6 Why does Bryan always show a sad face when talking about his mother? Bian stood up. “I put it in the room first.” He brought the box back into the room. Before her office friends found out she was pregnant, she decided to quit work. Lisa didn`t have enough faces to keep working. “Did I do anything wrong?” asked Sarah when Bian came out. I was silent for a while. The memory of the events of that night slowly began to swirl in my brain, causing my eyes to warm up and the urge to cry.

“I don`t know,” I said softly, closing my eyes and trying to forget everything. Bian was clumsy when Sarah docked on him. Instead of being happy, he felt that something was wrong. “Don`t you have to be ready for tomorrow?” he said. . After dinner, Sarah brought a box of supplies to replace the noose. You sit on the couch. Yes The novel Wedding Agreement by Mbak Mia Chuzaimah “Lo just prayed` in I cepet died with all the malignant diseases you mentioned earlier”.

I thought it was just a dream, but Raka`s voice had awakened my imagination when I woke up immediately as I actually slept in Raka`s arms. “How long did you come back then? As ever?Β I wonder when he will be home. He was already sitting on the couch looking at me when I woke up. “How come we`re talking stupidly anyway?” Erly said he was trying to dilute the atmosphere. . “Ly.” Call Lisa after she finishes laughing. His brother, who still works in Negri, fully supports his only puppet brother. Lisa was relieved, at least there was still a part of her family that would accept her.γ€€ The story is good. .tp Chapter 21 is not open. Tks. Wants to find the novel ah.

“Honey…Β ” he cried quietly as he held Bian`s arm.Β But everything will change when your son is born, when we hear his cries for the first time, it is as if we are in a new life, the first time he touches you, you will realize that you will never be alone again because he will be with you.Β Lisa ignored Erly and returned to the front of her TV screen to witness her Korean drama, which she had voluntarily taken a break. What`s more depressing? Married without love or married out of mercy? Bian visited. He knows where it`s going to happen. Sarah looked at him smoothly. His girlfriend`s face got closer. It`s barely far away. Suddenly, a tearful face of Tari appeared in his head. Of course, his father was angry and with the heart to fire him, his mother was just crying without knowing what to do. .


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